Take the fun home

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These domes are a great tool to help us develop our skills in and out of the gym. We can use them as markers in an obstacle course, use them to help our balance by walking on top of them, or we can use them to hold balls to help our coordination as we kick them off! And they are easy to take and use anywhere.

Balance Domes

These squishy domes are one of our most popular props in the gym! These domes are for walking over and are great for practicing our balance and coordination. Set them up in different patterns to change the level of difficultly and to keep things fun.






The tunnel is an icon in the gym! We love the tunnel as a great way to explore how our bodies fit in comparison to the smaller round space (spacial awareness!) we love how this tunnel has a “window”of a mesh fabric, so it lets light in and allows the children to see through it, making it the greatest introduction into exploring new worlds.

Shaky Eggs

If you have set foot into our gym, you know the power of a good shaker egg. They fit perfectly into little hands, make a great rhythmic sound and are worth exploring under and over objects to get to. (Baby bribery!)This set (which is super affordable) combines bright colours, fun animal shapes and different musical sounds to truly be a must have!


Spot Markers


Bean Bags

Bean bags are such a versatile prop that we rely on in the gym! From using them as an obstacle to step over (helping us work on our coordination and balance) to throwing it at targets (working on our grip and eye hand coordination) bean bags are a staple to have on hand.


We can vouch for these bubbles and their NON SPILL greatness. We use these in the gym, and they can be held completely upside down, thrown on the ground or just generally be handled by small hands and keep everything mess free! Not only are bubbles super fun, but they are a great tool for developing our tracking skills (following the bubbles move) and eye hand coordination (can you pop them?). Also bubbles just make anything you are doing more fun.

Starter Play Kit