Her hobbies: Traveling to new countries and experiencing their culture, binge watching shows, trying new foods/restaurants, sifting through flea markets/antique stores, arts and crafts, all things Harry Potter.
Things she does in her spare time: Primarily pending time with my husband and cat, being outside, adventures with friends and reading.
Favourite Travel Destination: There's no way I can chose one! Thailand probably has my favorite food, the Philippines has some of my favorite snorkelling, Cambodia has one of my favorite islands, Germany has a special place in my heart, the U.S. has some of the best National Parks.... I could go on and on and on with different categories and still not come close to narrowing down an answer.
Favourite Food: I still love pizza as much as I did when I was 7.
Favourite sports other than gymnastics: Gymnastics is by far my favorite sport to do and watch, nothing else comes close! I suppose diving would be my second favorite.

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