Jennifer Hood

Owner and Director

Jennifer Hood has over 15 years experience working in six different gymnastics organizations across Canada. She has developed recreational programming for young children, and is a certified teacher, specializing in primary education. She is also a mother of three daughters, 11, 8 and 5.

All of her experience has led her to one important conclusion: when it comes to our children’s physical fitness, we can do better. Conventional approaches to children’s sports have a vocabulary that includes words like early specialization, burnout, boredom, over-scheduling, dropout, intimidating, overly competitive, stressful, too late, and unfortunately, too often, childhood obesity.

Children are more likely to remain active if they are involved in something they enjoy. The problem? We do not know what our children will be interested in as they grow, and we certainly can’t enrol them in everything to ensure they don’t “miss out” later. Fortunately, this is a problem with an answer.

For many years Jennifer has had a vision for a program that gives our children the basic building blocks of physical movement. A program that would ensure that they have the necessary foundation to be active for life, no matter what sport they choose and no matter whether their goal is recreation or excellence. Following the birth of her second child, she decided to make her vision a reality.

In the spring of 2007, Jennifer was accepted into Langara College’s Self-Employment Program, where she spent ten weeks developing her business plan. She then dedicated the next 14 months to creating the curriculum, training staff and designing her facility.

Jump! Gymnastics opened its doors on September 2nd, 2008 and quickly became a destination for parents from across Vancouver and classes are now running at near capacity each session.

Jennifer was recently one of only thirteen women accepted to BC’s Forum for Women Entrepreneurs 2010 E-series. The FWE’s highly competitive E-series is a six-month program for women entrepreneurs of early-stage, high-growth, leverageable businesses. Jennifer is honoured to have been selected in such great company and looking forward to exploring opportunities to bring Jump! Gymnastics to more children.

“This isn’t about training gymnasts,” says Jennifer, “this is about using developmental gymnastics – the sport that offers the best opportunities to develop foundational movement skills – as a starting point to help our children be active for life.”