Hometown: Sackville, NB
Background: Competitive Swimming
Favourite Travel Destination: My Imagination
Favourite Activities besides gymnastics: Yoga, Golf, Snowboarding
Coaching Philosophy: To provide an environment that encourages individuals to have fun learning and developing an appetite for future participation and discovery of themselves through sport. To continue to learn from the children I teach and the family I work with.
Personal Mantra:
Life is not perfect
with straight lines and square boxes
and holes simply happen
in your very best sockses.

I will get mixed up
as I learn, as I grow
and when mixer-ups happen?
Take a breath, take it slow!

There are mountains to climb
and all sorts of dances
beyond my control
that I call lifenstances!

And I'll struggle sometimes
and forget that it's so
much harder to hold on
than to simply let go.

But I try to remember
as I walk on my feets
with the holes in the soles
of my socks underneath.......but seriously though there is nothing better than a nice clean straight edge and everything in its proper place and don't get me started on space junk, umbrella etiquette, single serve cups, just say no to straws and....
Wait Chris!.... just breathe!!

I will take each step
with great care and great tact.
And I'll try to remember
life's a balancing act.

I will do my best
to be dexterous and deft
and to never mix up my
right foot with my left....

But still, it does happen!
And that is okay!!
I just try to embrace it
'cause it's more fun that way!


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