senior jump

Children must be a minimum of 6 years and a maximum of 7, and feel confident with most movement skills including: hopping, somersaulting, climbing, swinging, skipping, galloping, throwing and kicking with direction, catching well-placed throws and jumping from a low height and landing with control. Some children may coordinate movements with some sports equipment and begin to show movements that look coordinated and efficient.

Senior Jump will focus on a structured introduction to advanced movement skills in a fun, challenging and non-competitive environment. By senior Jump some children are beginning to express interest in organized sports and team games. Different children will thrive in different environments. The Jump coaches will assist you in assessing your child to determine what types of activities would help them develop their personal physical potential, while still having lots of fun!

For Summer Term, Fall Term, and any mid-term enrollments, payment is due at the time of registration.
For Winter and Spring Terms, payment is due by the payment date, six weeks before the beginning of term.
If payment is not received one month before the  beginning of term, enrollment is automatically forfeited.

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