Cost: $310 + tax

Length: 1.5 hours

Party Guests

At Jump we specialize in offering high quality parties for young children, and in order to keep the party safe and fun we need to keep the guest list to a maximum of 12 kids aged 6 months-7 years old. (Remember to include the birthday child and all participating siblings in this count.) We understand that it is hard to keep guest lists from growing. Please respect our policies so we can work together to make this the best party for your child!

We Provide:

  • Free email or paper party invitations.

  • Balloons for every child.

  • Jump T-shirt for the birthday child.

  • Fully stocked party room with kids sized tables and chairs, fridge, microwave, serving area, plates, cutlery, cups and napkins.

  • All the clean-up!

You Provide:

  • Names, ages* and phone numbers of children on your child's guest list so that we can plan a personal and age appropriate birthday for your child and their friends and ensure they are all properly insured.

  • Food and cake.

  • Presents and goody bags.

  • The super special birthday child!


Note: The Blue/Pink time slots you see below are available!