Jump Three

Children must be a minimum of 3 years by the first week of the term, feel confident jumping on two feet, balancing on one foot for 5 seconds, walking up/down stairs holding a handrail, moving forward and backward with agility and catching a bounced ball (some of the time!). Some children may jump backward, gallop, jump from a small height, somersault and swing on a bar.

Jump Three is a gentle introduction to an all-by-myself class. This low-ratio program focuses on the social development necessary for children to thrive in a sport setting; encouraging peer cooperation and turn taking, taking direction from, and communicating needs to, an instructor without a caregiver intermediary and mastering basic skills independently. Support will be given to help children separate from caregivers.

For Summer Term, Fall Term, and any mid-term enrollments, payment is due at the time of registration.
For Winter and Spring Terms, payment is due by the payment date, six weeks before the beginning of term.
If payment is not received one month before the  beginning of term, enrollment is automatically forfeited.


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Spring 2019

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Spring 2019