Jump Play By Donation: On Now

One of the things we love about our Jump families is their generosity. Each term we run a Jump Play by Donation campaign and you always step up, big time! For our Spring Term you went through your closets and supported Crabtree Corner - check out this picture and post to see just how successful that was! And for our Summer Term from August 17th - 28th we're supporting the Child Life Team at BCCH for the 4th time. They are always in need of cash and/or new or gently used children's books:

In 2013 approximately 78,000 children were treated at BC Children's Hospital. Many of the patients who are seen at the hospital are required to endure long wait times and/or remain on isolation precautions throughout their stay. Having a supply of books readily available to give patients will help provide some much needed comfort and distraction throughout their hospital stay. ~ BC Children's Hospital

Check out our front desks in Yaletown or North Van for more details and remember that Jump Play registration opens at 9 pm the night before and donation spots fill quickly so be sure to reserve a spot before showing up to play. And thank you for being so supportive of the community around you!