Summer Camps: calling all experts

That's you! For the third year we are asking for parent experts (and we use this term very, very loosely!) to join us at Jump Summer Camps and host a one hour workshop for our campers.

Last summer guest workshops included: pet first aid, nutrition, music, seeds, composting, photography, and health and body care. The workshops were a huge success and many kids (and coaches) are still talking about them today!

Now it's your turn! Do you play an instrument, love physics, have a passion for knitting? Can you juggle, throw a fast ball or play the spoons? Are you a mad scientist, backyard bee keeper or green smoothie aficionado? Then we need you!

Your commitment: one hour for one day in July or August Our thank you: for your time we offer a $75 credit towards any of our classes or programs.

Interested? Just send us a quick email with your idea and we will send you the details.

For more information about our camps: Check out our camps here!