Making & Moving: One Stop Shopping

We're super excited about our upcoming collaboration with Collage Collage! Launching this fall, Make+Move is a unique class for kids from 3 to 5, it’s a chance for your little ones to shake their sillies out, get their art on and have a great time with quality programming from Jump Gymnastics and Collage Collage. This afternoon class combines an hour-long Jump class with an hour-long Collage Collage art class and it's set up so there's time for a snack in between the two classes. This is our first such collaboration (though we have grand plans for others!) and it's great to join forces with another local, independent business that we love. Our own kids have taken classes at Collage Collage and their programming is excellent, so being able to bring them to the North Shore feels like an amazing opportunity.

Anyhow, we know why we're excited about Make+Move but we also wanted to know why Erin, the (artistic) brains behind Collage Collage, wanted to get arty with us so we interviewed her to find out why:

Q. What inspired this collaboration? A. I've long admired Jen's programming at Jump, as well as having her and her family as clients. Sitting at a table for any kind of class can be challenging for any child, so I was looking for ways to include movement in our class, but time and space made that impossible. I loved the concept of honoring not just being creative in a class, but getting to move around too, in a healthy and thoughtful way. For our youngest clients especially, having the two classes run back to back means kids are having a fully engaging experience - for mind + body, all in one place.

Q. Why did you want to work with Jump Gymnastics? A. Their space looks and feels a lot like Collage Collage to me, open bright, edited spaces for children and families to feel inspired in. They're well-respected, and like I said before, I really like Jen. I met her as a client and fellow entrepreneur and when you know the woman behind the concept it really strengthens the interest in supporting the programming. Jen's authentic, and so is her business.

Q. You've got a big fall coming up with Collage Collage moving from your original location to Main Street so why expand your offerings now? A. We're on a bit of a growing bender right now! I feel like it's the best time to do it as the demand is there. This partnership with Jump lets us introduce ourselves to North Van, and lets us bring our programming to families there before deciding to bring a whole new location along as well. Main Street will give us access to far more families as well, and Make+Move is part of that trajectory.

Q. What are the benefits to kids of having a class that combines art + gymnastics? A. It allows kids to do a little bit of both physical + creative work - exploring both aspects in one time, honoring their need for both. I feel both classes will benefit from the kids attending having had a chance to learn in both environments. Kids do need both, and it's incredibly hard for families to find quality, thoughtful programming that hits all the marks and works into a manageable schedule. Gymnastics and Art in one class? That's one stop shopping if you ask me.