Learning ‘step by step’ promotes confidence & success

At first it would appear that there are just a few milestones in a child’s early years - taking their first wobbly steps or uttering ‘mommy’ for the first time. At Jump, however, we identify many more milestones to development. We all like to think of our children as being unique - and of course, they are in so many ways - but from a physical and social development standpoint, most children follow a very similar developmental path. As the saying goes, “Don’t run before you can walk,” and that’s precisely what we’re talking about - without building foundational skills, more complicated activity is impossible. Jump identifies more than 40 Gross Motor Skills like standing on tiptoes and balancing on hands before age 6, and about half as many Social Skills such as engaging with a coach and learning to share.

Before coaches join the Jump ranks they’ve generally graduated with a degree in something sport or child development related. Once we offer a coach a position with Jump, we take them through our proprietary training program. Now, we could bore you to tears here with a chart or two, but we won’t. Just know that every coach at Jump understands the typical development process and uses that knowledge to encourage your child to move through each stage of learning step by step.

Did you know, for example, that before 3 years kids are still very much self-focused when it comes to play – they have very little sense of ‘team’ and would find it hard to participate in cooperative play? But at the same time, we would expect a 3 year old to be able to (with a bit of help) perform a forward roll – you try, it’s harder than you think! By 6 we would expect some shape jumps on the trampoline but at the same time kids that age become more self-aware and can be sensitive to being last /first.

Physical and social development, in our experience, is sometimes out-of-step with what you might expect. Coaches at Jump, however, prides themselves on knowing the nuances of child development - knowing the physical development steps and typical behavior associated with age gives us an objective perspective that allows us to give the right level of encouragement, and even to let a few things ‘slide’ till they’re ready to move to the next step.

Your child’s physical and social development is a journey that should be enjoyed. Leave it to our coaches to steer you and your child in the right direction – sit back and relax, concentrate on encouraging them to do the same. If you have any questions on your child’s development path, please contact us any time!