Date Night Insight

Ever wondered what goes on at Date Nights at Jump Yaletown and Jump North Van? From our perspective here's the scoop, you leave your little one(s) with us for a fun evening of gymnastics, crafts, games and a pizza dinner while you head out for some grown up time. But we wondered about Date Nights from your perspective so we checked in with one of our regulars who's been taking advantage of our Date Nights for awhile to see what they had to say! So without further ado here's Date Night insight from K, mother of little K:

K was hooked from the first night! It's hard to say what he likes best but I think it's the energy of the staff. When we pick him up he's always chatting about the games he got to play, how many turns he had on the trampoline, what the crafts and stories were and, of course, how many pieces of pizza he ate. And we love it because he burns off so much energy and then generally has a great sleep that night!

We love Date Night and find it way more convenient for our lives than getting a sitter. I don't have to worry about the logistics of arranging a babysitter, preparing dinner for them, tidying the house or getting them home safely at the end of the evening. Plus as we only have one child the cost is actually less than we'd pay for a sitter and it includes supper! We often take the Skytrain to Jump Yaletown so we don't have to worry about parking and we can have a drink or two and not have to worry about driving home. And as it's one of the only activities K asks to go to on a regular basis I have no guilt about having adult time as he thinks of Jump Date Night as a treat for himself as well!

We do all sorts of things with our Date Night evenings. Lately we've been going indoor rock climbing a lot but we also go out for dinner or meet up with friends in Yaletown and go shopping. Sometimes we'll just use that time to do errands. This summer we're hoping to get in some rollerblading and kayaking during a couple of Date Nights as well!

Date Nights run from 5:30 to 8:30 every Saturday Night in Yaletown and from 5:30 to 8:30 every second Saturday night in North Vancouver. They're $32/child (and the 3rd child in a family is free). Click here for dates and availability!

We're pretty sure you can think of lots of things you'd like to do with three kid-free hours, but just in case you need some inspiration we have some fun ideas:

 In Yaletown you could head down to Bella Gelateria for pizza and then get some of their amazing gelatos to go and wander along the seawall and take in the view. Or in North Van you could go for a climb at the Hive, which just opened next door to us,and then drop by Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers afterwards to sample their wares.