Biking Week with #365DaysofPlay

It's a great time of year to get you and your kids back on your bikes! Riding a bike – and learning how to ride a bike – is a memorable childhood activity and we've got great tips and recommendations this week for safe, fun riding for the whole family. We'll be updating this blog post daily so keep checking back for more ideas, tips and #365DaysofPlay cycling fun each day! Sunday, May 3rd

Biking season is back (not that it really ever went away here in Vancouver!) and we're dubbing this Biking Week here at #365DaysofPlay. We're starting with tips on teaching your little ones to ride with lots more cycling fun to come including best bikes, safety tips and more:  

Monday, May 4th

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 2.14.24 PM Today for #BikingWeek we have a video from Coach Stacie sharing some tips for developing core strength which is key for cycling. We've never shared a video via our blog before so be sure to let us know if it works on your end (you'll need Quicktime) and just click on the image to check out the video. We'll be back tomorrow with some great bike and helmet recos!

Tuesday, May 5th

We asked the kid experts at Raspberry Kids to share their favourite run bikes and they threw in a helmet reco as well: Biking is a great way to spend quality time together. rk bikingFor young riders in the family we love Strider Run Bikes. They're a perennial top seller and they're perfect for kids from 1 – 15, though most kids start on them around 18 – 24 months.

Wishbone 3-in-1 Bikes are another fabulous option and we had our littlest onhers from 12 months! She just turned two so we're getting ready to convert the tricycle in to a run bike. Look out!

Of course, safety is paramount for our kiddos so make sure you protect their beans with an awesome Nutcase Helmet. Choose from a variety of styles including hearts, watermelons, stars, stripes, flames and many others!

Ride on!

Wednesday, May 6th

We went to the cycling experts at Pedalheads for some more cycling tips for #BikingWeek! They start with some bike talk:

Make sure the child's bike is a good fit. It's key to remember that your kidlet should be able to touch their entire foot to the ground while sitting on the bike seat. You want to avoid using a bike that's too big that kids can “grow into.” Their bike needs to fit at the time they are learning how to ride.

Thursday, May 7th

Next up from the experts at Pedalheads, an answer to a question many parents of young riders struggle with: When is your kid ready to ditch their training wheels?

Training wheels help kids develop their leg strength while pedaling and are a great for kids to learn how to ride. If your little one can't pedal fast and continuously with their training wheels on don't take them off yet as they won't have the strength to ride without them!

Friday, May 8th

Our last ‪#‎BikingWeek‬ pro tip from Pedalheads Bike Camps is all about fun, we definitely like the way they think: Make everything about learning to ride a bike FUN! Turn learning into a fun adventure by playing games along the way and take your kids riding in fun environments such as a park or near the beach. Make sure to celebrate mini milestones such as pedaling continuously, braking and the ability to ride on their own for a short time! ‪#‎RideOn‬ ‪

Saturday, May 9th

You may have noticed The Bar Method Vancouver right above our Yaletown gym and we love their classes. Be sure to check them out if you have a mo! In the meantime Carolyn from The Bar Method, a new-ish mum, has shared a ‪#‎BikingWeek‬ tip for ‪#‎365DaysofPlay‬ with us: The trails in Stanley Park are a great place to go for rides, they're wide and generally pretty open (though pack layers as it can be pretty chilly in the shade). Here's a link to their trail guide.

Sunday, May 10th

Happy Mother's Day! Our last #365DaysofPlay #BikingWeek tip is from ParticipACTION and it's #7 on their list of "24 things every Canadian child should do by the age of 12" - Ride a bike with no hands! Find the full list here, it's a great one!

And that's a wrap for #BikingWeek, we hope you enjoyed it!