Better now, than then.

I’m part of the team that built the website you’re now reading. Before knowing anything about Jump Gymnastics and its owner Jennifer Hood, it had been years since I thought about my experiences of physical education (PE as I knew it). As I got to understand what it is that Jump provides, I recalled being the last to be picked for sports teams and remembered years of football (UK kid here) where I did everything I could to avoid the ball. Jennifer explained that my experiences were not uncommon and likely the result of not being taught some fundamental skills.

Effort: C, Attainment: D my report card read.

Thankfully since I was at school more thinking has been done on ways to teach kids the fundamental skills they need in order to fully participate (and enjoy) sports and an active life. That thinking is expressed as Physical Literacy. I’ve come to understand Physical Literacy to be the combination of fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills.

Physical Literacy has its own page on the new site and a video that explains everything. I think after you do a little research on the topic and understand the principals behind what Jen and her team are teaching at Jump you’ll seize the opportunity to give that knowledge to a child that’s close to you.

Jen has been teaching gymnastics across Canada for more than 20 years, too late for me, but I’m grateful that I have done my part in helping share Jump’s story through this new website. My hope is that more kids are exposed to Physical Literacy and have a better start to an active life. It took me a decade or two to get back into sports but now I love skiing, yoga and tennis.