10 Tips To Enjoying Winter Snow Sports With Your Kids

When we look at building Physical Literacy in young children it is important to let children explore sports: on land (such as developmental gymnastics and ball sports), in water (such as swimming and diving), on snow and ice (such as skiing and skating). Winter Holidays are an ideal time to explore 'sliding sports'- the ones on snow and ice! 1. Make sure they’re the right age. For skiing, 4 is good time to start. Snowboarding should be later but skating can be as early as 2.

2. Do a little pre-training. Balance is key for snow sports so lay a rope on the ground (inside or out) and get them to walk the ‘high wire’.

3. Snow sports can be expensive so look on line or checkout consignment stores for equipment and clothing. There’s Cheapskates & Sports Junkies.

4. Keep it short (especially for your first run of the season). Plan to be on the slops for about an hour and build from there.

5. Ski school (Jump loves Mt. Seymour) is a great start and crucial if you’re not confident on snow yourself.

6. Keep all your gear in one place so that you can grab everything in one go – a large plastic box that fits into the car makes things simple.

7. Carry a spare. Being wet and cold is enough to turn anyone off snow sports so carry a dry spare of pretty much everything!

8. Snacks. They are going to want them so have them handy. A thermos of hot chocolate gets them warm and happy fast.

9. Boot and hand warmers do work and are fun to use, they’re generally near the cash register at sport stores or try MEC.

10. Make it fun. Go with them if you can, be excited and give them lots of encouragement.