Registration Changes

Happy 10th Birthday, Jump!!

September 2018 marks TEN YEARS that Jump has been bringing physical literacy to our community! There are so many ways we want to celebrate, and the first one is implementing some long requested upgrades to our registration process!

Starting for the 2018-2019 school year, you can now register for the whole year at one time in June! No more worrying you missed the Change My Spot date three times a year. Plan your classes just once a year, and you’re all set! Just one tiny way we can make parents’ busy lives a little easier.

How it works

In June, Save My Spot and Change My Spot will still happen as usual, but instead of registering for ONLY fall term, you can choose to register for any or all of the upcoming terms! As always, Save My Spot and Change My Spot are Priority registration, and is only available in person or through email.

Save My Spot

Register on this day if you would like to save the EXACT SAME CLASS your child is registered in for the current term. You can save this class for any or all of Fall, Winter, and Spring Terms. If you would like the same class or Fall Term, but a DIFFERENT class for Winter and Spring terms, save your spot now for fall, and then register for winter and spring during Change My Spot.

Save My Spot is priority registration for all currently registered families to save their child's spot in their exact same class. If you want to register the same child, for the same class, on the same day, at the same time, in the same location (sensing a theme here?) this registration period is just for you! This guarantees you the exact same class for any of the following terms. But don't delay because soon we'll open it up to...

Change My Spot

Register on this day if you would like a different class for any of the upcoming terms. For example, if your current time won’t work for you after this term, you can choose a different time that suits your schedule better. Or if your child's birthday is coming up and they are ready to move to the next level, you can register them in that level for ANY of the upcoming terms, as long as that term begins after their birthday.

This phase is also open to families who may have taken some time off from the gym and are ready to get back. If you've done a trial with us, or even registered for one of our other programs like Jump Play, camps, or birthday parties, you're also eligible! This is our busiest and most popular time for registration, so make sure you double check the registration dates and times so you don't miss out! Change My Spot opens at 9am!

No Obligations

If you register for all three terms, you will only pay for Fall Term at the time of registration. You can always transfer to a different class at any time. If necessary, you can always withdraw from a future class with no penalty, as long as the withdrawal is requested before that term's payment date.


If I register for all three terms, do I have to pay for all three at once up front?

No! At the time of registration, we will only take payment for the Fall Term. Six weeks before Winter and Spring Terms, we will process payments for those terms automatically. Don’t worry! We will send you a reminder email two weeks before this date so you’ll have plenty of time to update your payment information or make changes to your registration.

What happens if my credit card is declined, or payment is not remitted by the payment date?

If your card is declined we will send you an email right away asking you to update your payment information. You will have two weeks to make your payment. If payment is not received by two weeks after the payment date, you will be dropped from the class, unless other arrangements have been made.

What if I register for a class for a future term, and then change my mind and want to withdraw?

As always, we can always help you find another class time that might fir your schedule better! If you do need to withdraw, you may do so at any time before the payment date for that term with no penalty. If payment has been processed, usual withdrawal policies apply. Please view our full policies here.

Can I choose a different class for each of Fall, Winter, and Spring terms?

Yes, certainly! During Save My Spot, you can only register for your exact same class as the current term, but once Change My Spot begins, you can register for whatever you like in any term you like.

What are the Term Dates for 2018-2019?

Save My Spot: May 27
Change My Spot: June 3
New Family Registration: June 17

Fall Term:
September 3-December 23

Winter Term:
January 7-March 17
Payment Date: November 18

Spring Term:
April 1-June 30
Payment Date: February 17

Still have questions? Don't hesitate to give us a call!

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